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A Message from Our President
Janice LeClair

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Greetings everyone.  I feel a bit anxious taking over the presidency of NEWC from such a dynamic person as Laurie.  However, I am confident that with the NEWC Board’s and your support, we will get NEWC back on track, after covid, as an important resource for New England carvers and other woodworkers.  The first step in that process is the IN PERSON Spirit of Wood Show and Competition.  We have a site and date:  Fieldhouse Sports in Bow, New Hampshire on October 23/24, 2021.  It’s an exciting opportunity that offers us lots of space for competition, classes and displays as well as plenty of parking.  

Speaking of classes, the NEWC Board has openings for both Education and Public Relations/Marketing Directors.  These are appointed positions so email me if you are interested or know of someone who could lend their expertise to NEWC by joining the Board. 
Thank you, Laurie Farrell, for being a great President and Gary Filiault for your excellent service as our Treasurer.  Paul Crowley takes over as Treasurer and Neil Gallagher will be NEWC’s new Vice President; welcome them warmly when you see them.  Thanks also to the other board members who agreed to remain:  Mary Chouinard, Membership Secretary, Linda Parviainen, Secretary and Directors Kim Rhault, Technology, Gay Gawron, Communication, and Rick Boyer, Special Projects (Tree of Hope).  Laurie remains as Immediate Past President.

An exciting development is the inclusion of positions which I refer to as ambassadors.  So far, we have Ed Ertel from Connecticut and Dick Shryock from Maine.  Thank you, gentlemen, for agreeing to assist for another year.  There are spaces for ambassadors to the Board from Rhode Island and Vermont; New Hampshire and Massachusetts are represented by current Board members.  The duties of an ambassador include making sure news of NEWC activities gets out to carvers in the state they represent and passing on to the Board the concerns of carvers from all over New England.  Contact information for all new and seasoned Board members is on the website:

The next member meeting will be held Sunday, September 19 the Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland, Massachusetts from 9 to 1ish.  Just a heads up, the building has a couple of stairs for those who need assistance.  Our last member meeting at Devens, MA was a tremendous success so don’t miss this one.  It’s nice to be back together!

Have a wonderful year carving and creating other beautiful wood art!  Let’s grow and pass on our skills and knowledge to lots of new people.  See you all in September and keep an eye on the website for news about SOW 2021!

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