Tree of Hope

Raising Money to Support Veterans

New England Woodcarvers is proud to support veterans through our Tree of Hope program. Members and non-members have donated countless ornaments and other small wood carvings to the Tree over the years. The Tree of Hope travels to various craft fairs and carving shows, selling the donated carvings to raise money for programs that support veterans. ALL of the funds raised by the Tree of Hope go directly to the benefit of the veterans.

What does the Tree of Hope mean to veterans, and why should you consider donating a carving?

Hope is complicated and individualized, meaning different things to different people. For some veterans, it is hope that there will be access to the services they need. Others hope for better understanding between veterans and their families for how to care for one another. Some hope there will be jobs waiting for them when they return home. Others only hope they will be able to find themselves again; to live and to laugh. Hope is a connection that binds us all.

Hope can be a driving force, but for those who have lost it, it becomes debilitating.

By contributing to the Tree of Hope, you are contributing to the organizations who work with vets to find and leverage their strengths so they can achieve the best possible outcome of their lives.

The Tree of Hope provides funds to The Women of the American Legion Auxiliary, Post #325 for Home Comfort baskets for shut-in veterans. It also provides entertainment for the veterans at the VA Hospital in Bedford, MA. We raise money for any legitimate organization where funds directly benefit the veterans.

The Women of the American Legion Auxiliary 


Post 325


Holyoke, Massachusetts

How can you donate?

Rick Boyer has been doing an excellent job of managing the NEWC’s Tree of Hope. This program is so dear to his heart that he will travel to pick up a carving from anyone in New England.

The Tree of Hope’s best seller is ornaments, but we will accept any craft object that is not too big. We accept donations YEAR ROUND, so if you have something you’d like to donate, bring it to a Membership Meeting, or contact Rick Boyer at or (413)-388-5968.

Remember that all gave some, some gave all, and some still give.

Will you give too?

Carving by Norm Devonshire

Raymond, Maine

Tree of Hope

Special Thanks

Special thanks  to Central Mass Caricature Carvers for paying craft show fees and allowing the Tree to share their table.

Thank you to all the clubs who give the Tree a table at their shows.

Very special thanks to Louis Dennis who has been a big contributor to the Tree over the years.

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