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NEWC Member of the Year


NEWC’S highest award, THE NEWC MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD, is given to an active dues-paying member from New England who has made an outstanding contribution to the organization during the year in progress, or for services rendered throughout a recent period of time. Accomplishments made beyond the club’s usual meeting place are acceptable providing they satisfy the intent of the guidelines. The award has been presented since 1976 to individuals who have exemplified exceptional club service and leadership. NEWC members of record shall cast their vote in the month of April for one of the nominees eligible to receive this award. The NEWC Executive Board is the administrator of this award.

Robin Patten 2024 Member of the Year

Guidelines for Nomination


To be considered for this prestigious award the nominee will have made contributions like or similar to the examples given in these guidelines.


The nominee’s contributions should be substantial, and recognized by a number of people. The examples do not necessarily include everything that a member could have done. They serve as a pathway in helping the nominator to consider carefully all the possible accomplishments the nominee has made that makes him or her worthy of this award. Moreover, it is advisable to speak with people who are closest to the nominee. This step will ensure that all the known credit has been gathered in preparation to completing the nomination form.

Examples of nominee contributions are as follows:

  • Inspired people to take up woodcarving

  • Helped people to improve their woodcarving skills

  • Recruited people to become members of NEWC

  • Reached out to the community in a manner that promoted the art of carving

  • Taught woodcarving in different settings

  • Tutored one or more individuals

  • Demonstrated carving methods in use today

  • Made presentations of carvings in a variety of settings before an audience

  • Exhibited personal works of accomplishment

  • Entered carvings in competition

  • Contributed to various publications 

  • Was or is an active carving instructor

  • Past or present officer of the club

  • Directed a club project 

  • Worked in some capacity in the Spirit of Wood Show

  • Took charge of one or more membership meeting activities

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