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Membership mtgs

Membership Meetings


WE HAVE RESUMED IN-PERSON MEETINGS! Please join us and help New England Woodcarvers bounce back to our former glory!

Membership meetings are being held at various locations. Please check the website, the newsletters, or your email for the next location.


Meeting speakers make our membership meetings more informative, interesting, educational and fun. If you would like to be a speaker or know of anyone who would be interested in becoming a speaker please contact Jan at Speakers receive $150 for their efforts. 

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Board mtgs

Board of Directors Meetings


Board meetings are currently being held virtually on Zoom. For an invite to observe a meeting, email 

All board meetings are held at:

Currently via Zoom. Future locations TBD.

Spirit of Wood mtg

Annual Spirit of Wood Show


The 2023 Spirit of Wood Show is confirmed! It will take place on October 15th at the Peabody Senior Center. For more information, click below to view the Spirit of Wood Page. 
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