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The 2020 Virtual Show was a success! Thanks to all who participated. Check out the gallery of entries and winners HERE.

Yes, it's true! We have decided to host a virtual event in place of our annual beloved Spirit of Wood Show. 

Photo submissions of your works of art will be collected from October 1st through the 25th. There are THREE levels, and FIVE categories. Each category will be judged. Levels are 1. Beginner/Intermediate

2. Open

3. Master

For information on the FIVE category groups and category definitions, click the links below. 

For NEWC members in good standing, the entry fee for the first item is $11; each additional item is $5. For non-NEWC members, $16 for the first item; $5 for each additional item. A maximum of three photos per item may be submitted.

For advice on taking photos of your carving, click on the Photography Requirements link below. 

Pieces entered in the virtual competition ARE ALLOWED to be entered again in the "real life" 2021 Spirit of Wood Show!

To submit a photo, you will have to purchase tickets. Tickets will be emailed to you along with a link to the submission form where you can upload your photos. You must have a ticket number for each of your entries (maximum 6). Ticket number will be used to identify your photos and to prove that you paid the entry fees.


Members will receive an email after the Annual Meeting which has a coupon code that will give you 5 dollars off your initial entry price. Enter the coupon code at checkout to receive your member discount.  

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