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New England Woodcarver's Response to COVID-19

2020 has certainly been a difficult year for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people interact, and effectively driven us all into isolation. All except the essential workers who risk exposure every day to keep the bare necessities moving. 

New England Woodcarvers has been hit hard in a number of ways:

The pandemic caused devastating loss in our local Soldiers’ Home taking the lives of 83 Veterans as of late May. In the past, The Tree of Hope has been a ray of light to Veteran organizations, but the pandemic has robbed the Tree of opportunities to generate revenue. We give thanks to members who have been spreading the word, and helping us to collect carvings and monetary donations from members and non-members alike. Please keep Veterans and their families in your prayers! 

We have cancelled all of our membership meetings through the end of June, and anticipate cancelling September’s meeting as well if the predicted resurgence occurs. Our board has continued to hold meetings, but now the meetings are virtual, using Zoom to meet as a group and discuss the delicate future of our organization. 

We were also forced to cancel our important annual Spirit of Wood show. Bringing woodcarvers together from all over New England, the show was the highlight of our year. It felt sad and deflating to make the decision to cancel. HOWEVER! Not all is lost! We have been hard at work, researching possibilities for a VIRTUAL Spirit of Wood Show. It may not be the same as going in person, but we hope it will serve as a place holder until next year when we can host the best Spirit of Wood show ever!

For more information on the virtual show, check for updates here. 

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